Two Foreigners Praised for Rescuing Children from Fire
Publish date 04-05-2018 15:38

Da Nang People’s Committee Chairman Huynh Duc Tho recently sent compliment letters to two foreigners for their bravery in rescuing two children stuck at a hostel that caught fire in Lien Chieu District’s Hoa Minh Ward.  The ‘heroic’ duo were the 31-year-old Valeria, a Russian, and 46-year-old Jean Christophe, a French man.

Compliment letters of Da Nang People’s Committee Chairman Huynh Duc Tho

In his letter, the city’s leader highly appreciated and thanked the ‘heroes’ for their good deed which shows courageous spirit and enthusiastic engagement in the rescue.

At round 10.00am on 1 May, some local residents reported seeing thick plumes of black smoke rising from Bao Hoang Hostel, located at 398 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, Lien Chieu District.

When the fire broke out, the 12-storey hostel was closed for repairing, so no guests were present inside.  However, two children of the owners, aged 9 and 6 years old respectively, were trapped in the house, which was locked from outside while their parents were away.

On hearing the screams for help from the local people nearly, Valeria and Jean Christophe, who were residing in a house opposite Bao Hoang Hostel, dashed to the terrace of the next door house and then climbed into the hostel to rescue the two victims.

Soon after, firefighters and fire engines were sent to the scene and the fire had been completely extinguished by 11.00am on the same day.

Also on the same day, the ‘heroic’ duo received Certificates of Merits from the People’s Committee of Lien Chieu District at a ceremony held by this authority.

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